Closing Costs When Selling Your House

Closing costs when selling your house.
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Hello. My name is Rick Maningas With Best Choice House Buyers. We buy houses in As-Is condition in the greater Milwaukee area and Southeast Wisconsin area. Our motto is with Patience & Compassion We Buy Houses. We love working with seniors and offering that extra hand holding when buying your house. We buy houses that have or need major repair, minor repair, houses that are pet smelling houses, houses that are hoarder houses. And we buy them whether their situation is such that the house is vacant, the owners are going through a divorce, it’s an inherited house, it’s a probate house. We buy houses under all sorts of situations. Today I’d like to talk about what closing costs do you as a homeowner incur when selling a house to Best Choice House Buyers. And the answer is none.

We take care of all closing costs. What that means is the transfer fees, which is a sales tax. We pay for the title insurance. We pay for the title company that does all the processing of the paperwork. We pay for the wire transfers. We pay for the special assessment letter, not the tax assessments but there are certain paperwork creation fees that the county and the cities charge to confirm what money is owed by the homeowner, if any. We pay for all of that. So to answer your question, when selling your house what closing costs will you incur? Nothing. The only caveat that I have to put in there is that typically we do not pay for the taxes that have accrued from the beginning of the year to when we buy it. If we do have to pay for those taxes or other delinquent taxes, we’ll just adjust the price.

And typically we do not pay for any past due utility bills, water, sewer and electric. We can if that is a known factor, we will just adjust the price accordingly if there is past due bills and you do not have the money to cover those things. We still want to be able to buy the house with a clear title and everything else. So please give us a call at (414) 877-0047 or go to our website  Let’s talk and see how we can both work on helping you with your situation. This is Rick Maningas. Thank you very much.

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