Selling Your Home To Move Into Senior Housing In Milwaukee – Part 1

Selling Your Home To Move Into Senior Housing in Milwaukee - Part 1
Video Transcription

Selling The Traditional Way

Hello. My name is Rick Maningas of Best Choice House Buyers. If you’re a senior who is selling your home to move into a senior housing facility, this video is for you. Even if you are not moving into a senior facility, this video will still be very beneficial to you to learn about the real estate selling process. Now, most people know how to sell a house, the traditional method. First, they repair everything that needs to be fixed and then they get it all cleaned up.  And then they list it with a realtor, keep the house totally clean every day, pay realtor commissions, wait for them to sell it and then go through the entire process of once it’s sold, fix anything that comes up in the inspection report, wait for the banks to give approval and everything else. So this type of process takes months.  Which is where our company comes in.

For The Less Than Ideal House

Oh, and for most people that traditional method only works when the house is in pristine condition. All right. Now, let me explain a little bit about our company and go into more detail about this video, because this video is for those people in less than ideal conditions. Our company, Best Choice House Buyers, buys houses in any condition, As-Is, whether it’s a house that needs major repair, minor repair, pet house, where it has smells, a hoarder house, a house that has a bad situations like the house is worth less than what is owed, there’s a divorce, a death in the family, the house may have back taxes that are owed, or somebody may be moving and need to sell the house quickly.

When selling your home, we can work under any of these conditions of the house or the situation and buy your house with cash in 10 days or less, depending upon the situation. Now, what is this video about? Best Choice House Buyers specializes in working with seniors. We love working with seniors. Seniors require special handholding because odds are, they’ve been living in their home or you’ve been living in your home for 40 years or more, so you don’t know the process of what it takes to sell a house.  We will walk you through the process with Patience & Compassion.

Join us in Parts 2, 3 and 4 to learn more about Selling Your Home To Move Into Senior Housing In Milwaukee.

If you have additional questions, or just want to talk to someone about the process in greater detail, call us, Best Choice House Buyers at (414) 877-0047 or fill out the form below.

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